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Life at Eagle Flight

All Students who have not acquired rank are known as “CADETS”.The curriculum content for the four year program is as follows:

Life Skills

Students are exposed to a variety of learning experiences. They are tested to determine their academic levels before being placed in a class. Cadets are trained to be leaders through public speaking, leadership seminars and exposure to camps such as ACE camp sponsored by Daniel Webster College. Cadets practice military drills to help them perfect their listening skills as this is extremely important in executing instructions.

Drill Team

The drill team is run entirely by and for the students of Eagle Flight Squadron. While the opportunity to impose discipline on students is one advantage students learn how to perform under pressure. The precise, often complicated drills themselves teach important cognitive skills such as memorization, forward thinking and concentration.

Requirements at Eagle Flight.

You must score 100% on every school administered exam before moving on to the next level. You must do it one way, the Eagle flight way. There is no room for error in the sky. Follow these two simple rules and you can be assured that by the time you graduate high school, you will have a Private or Recreational Pilot Certificate.

Field Trips, Camps and Parades

All cadets are expected to participate in scheduled parades and field trips. Students also have opportunities to attend Aviation camps offered by some affiliated colleges.

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