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The Eagle Flight Squadron. Inc. originally known as Eagle Flight Explorer Post 290 was founded by Reverend Russell White in 1975 at Bethel Baptist Church, Orange, New Jersey. Even though the name has changed the theme “Look Up and Be Looked Up To” remains the same. Originally, the program was designed to train inner city youths ages 12 to 15 Years. More recently, the program has successfully expanded to include students as young as 11 years of age.

This, unique program not only provides flight instruction, career development, social interaction and keen appreciation for discipline, but it stresses dignity, honesty and integrity.

Maintaining high standards are exemplified at Eagle Flight through the high quality teaching techniques and positive attitudes of the staff. Stimulating classrooms provide leadership, extensive career information and encouragement. Lessons stress understanding through a four level learning process: Effective Level (Awareness), Cognitive Level (Knowledge), Skill Level (Problem Solving) and Participation Level.

To date over 300 students have passed through this program. Many have been accepted into the Naval and Air Force academies, Aviation schools, colleges and universities. Some of our former students have gone on to become commercial Pilots, Aviation engineers, and navigators. Others have become military-officers, but most of all Eagle Flight students experience success in whatever endeavor they undertake. I thank all of you who have done so much for so many.

Thank you,
Rev. Russell A. White

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Eagle Flight 42nd Annual Awards Banquet