Requirements for New Cadets
  1. A composition of at least three paragraphs explaining:
    • Why you would like to learn to fly?
    • Why you desire to become a part of Eagle Flight
  2. Application for Admission, consisting of:
    • Student information
    • Parent information
  3. Medical Forms:
    • Personal Medical Health Summary (to be filled out by parent and applicant)
    • Report of Medical Examination (must be completed by a medical examiner)
  4. Annual Income Information Required:
    • All necessary paperwork and pertinent information are included in this packet. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask any of our administrative staff for assistance.

Thursday Night Meeting Schedule

5:45 PM Arrival Of Students
6:00 PM Formation and Inspection
6:10 PM Drill
6:45 PM General Assembly
6:50 PM Dues and Attendance
7:00 PM Class Instruction
9:00 PM General Assembly
9:10 PM Dismissal
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Eagle Flight 42nd Annual Awards Banquet